Cyber security web tesst ( ) is a new powerful tool wich help any owner of sites to have an ideea about online security. With this online cybersecurity tool you can scan your website and will see exactly if you have or no security issues. How it work this online security tool? It is very easy! First time scan your website with this tool in free mode, if you discover any security problems we recommend you to use full version of tool because in the report you will find solutions for resolve your issues.

When you scan the target web page, our crawler will test all web pages, so is some posibility to received some alert from your protection solutions like firewalls but this is not a problem, because this is not a destructive scan. After test every pages we will collect some informations for you to generate an complet report about any security issues. This report will be private date so after a period this informations will automatically deleted. We do not send to mail this reports because exist posibility to somebody hack your mail accout and lost this critical informations and we dont want this. So if you need and want have this report, you will go to dashboard section and you can download the PDF version from this section. The full version will scan many types of vulnerabilities and the false positive is around 0.05% .. so in conclusion if our scanner find some issues turst us , as that issues exist in your platform and a hacker can exploit that and steal your privacy informations.
Cybersecurity ( cyber security web test ) tool offer you an suplimentar protection! Scan now and dont let any hacker to steal your private informations!